Our Services

We cover a wide range of common pests like BED BUGS, COCKROACHES, RATS, MICE, WASPS, ANTS, FLEAS, FLIES, MOTHS but generally all pest insects and rodents.

Controlling pest infestations is crucial as it can lead to significant health and safety issues. Property assets can be damaged also incurring unplanned and costly expenses.

As a pest control company, we offer a complete service with INSPECTION, TREATMENT, BODY REMOVAL AND PREVENTION.

Our services include packages tailored to each client requirements but also single treatments.

Our technicians are trained to the Royal Society for Public Health approved standard and are constantly updated to comply with all relevant laws, directives, regulations and best code of practice in the sector with all measures put in place to carry out duties humanely and with total respect for the preservation of the environment and its wildlife.

All projects are professionally assessed before being carried out, documented and filed for future references and follow ups.

ERADIK and its team endeavour to achieve the highest possible level of customer care and satisfaction by achieving the set goals efficiently, accurately and cost effectively.